“John Wick” TV Series “The Continental” To Dive Into Several Characters’ Origins

“John Wick” and the world built in its films are undoubtedly intriguing and while we already know that a show titled “The Continental” is, or rather was (due to the covid-19 pandemic), in the works, little is known about what the show will entail besides talking about the hotel from which it got its name, but now we have a little more insight about the perspective the show will take.

Chad Stahelski the director of all three “John Wick” films, and the first episode of the new spinoff talked about what will happen on the show in an interview with Fandom, he explained that instead of having a single perspective like in the movies so far, we will see the world from many different perspectives throughout the show, as instead of going in one linear direction it will take a look at how this world came to be and will introduce the origins of several characters already seen in the movies.

“The angle they’re working on The Continental TV show right now is a different perspective on the whole world, it’s coming at it from different characters’ points of view and what the breadth of the world is. Whereas in John Wick, I’m following a time period that’s almost just a week in the life of one man, [for] who everything spirals out of control, which is our John Wick story,” said Stahelski.

he angle that the other producers and writers on the TV show are coming from is a very different timeline structure and a very different perspective [sic] of character. About how deep the world goes, and not just about assassins but everything that’s included. And a lot of the origin stories are some of the characters that you see in Wick.”

“So it’s got some very interesting things, it’s a very interesting take on the Wick world, which I think is pretty cool. But it won’t be from the John Wick perspective. Not that John Wick won’t be involved in it, it’s just not from his perspective,” he continued. 

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