Special The creators of Mustafa Qamar’s album, “We Are We, Lord”, reveal its scenes

Presenting the religious album “We Hanna O Ya Rabb”, a dream that caressed the artist Mustafa Qamar, and for 3 years, work continued on his preparation before the release of his first song, “Wush Al-Khair”, from the lyrics of the poet Nasser Al-Jeel, composed and distributed by Mohamed Diaa.

The poet Hani Al-Sagheer in a special statement to “Masrawy”, he says about the experience: “I participate in it by writing 3 supplications, which are (we are merciful to us, O Lord) and (in the name of God) and (Rahman), all of which are composed by the artist Mustafa Qamar, as we started working on it.” since three years”.

Music distributor Osama Kamal, for his part, said: “I started working on this beautiful experience with the artist Mustafa Qamar, two years ago during which he was very accurate, and he seeks to present his best, as we did an art workshop in his studio, and we had audio engineer Montaser Amer “.

He added: “Five songs were distributed in the album, which are (Hanan Ali Ya Rabb), (Grant us O Karim), (In the Name of God), (Rahman) and (Yalla Pray), and the artist Mustafa Qamar sings his songs through oriental shrines such as (boyhood) ) And (Al-Bayati), and through it he also presents a group of promising voices that exchanged participation in singing with him, and they are: “Saif, Ahmed Hamdi, Mirna Tariq, and Amani.”

The album “We Hanna O Ya Rabb” includes 7 supplications, and Mostafa Qamar also collaborated with the poets Reda Zayed with the song “Grant us O Karim”, and Nasser Al-Jeel “Wash Al-Khair”, and Ahmed Sami “Yalla We Pray”, which is composed by Ahmed Al-Barazi, and she participates in singing His wife, singer Mirna Tariq. ”

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