Nicole Saba fiercest attack on her critics .. Photo

The Lebanese artist replied Nicole Saba Violently, critics must appear without makeup and hairstyle, in the video that I posted on her social media page, to the tune of the song “The Way of the Bee”, by Mrs. Fayrouz, saying: “I am happy about my situation and my nature … Learn the taste Then they got stuck. “
Nicole published a picture of her and commented: “This message to some of the following is what they do not understand for all and what has not been circulated. It means if you are there and see me as a witch, I feel my feeling like nothing wrong with what I do not know. What is not. Al-Mussafa and Mitt Extension on twenty kilos of eyelashes on 15 kilos, Poya, Mick August and a thousand filters !! I do not make up what is required and without equal hair, what does not need, then it is only by criticizing the wind and the tea.
She added: “What are you comfortable with? I am happy with my current situation, I do not see the current, and I do not believe it in a few. I am in my nature and this is a bad thing, then you are intelligent. If one is sitting with a home stone, it is on a normal basis. Because I did not know when you were, and after you learned, you read the meaning of the word, and here is the picture of something new that you will put down and in the same look because I love her so much. “

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