NETFLIX started showing “Sawah” starring Karim Qassem on its platform

NETFLIX started showing “Sawah” starring Karim Qassem on its platform yesterday, and Karim Qassem said in remarks to him: “Sawah” movie is presented on Netflix that makes it reach more than 50 countries in different languages ​​and a diverse audience, and that is always what any actor wishes when seeking To participate in a world movie like “Sawah” and I think that it will be greatly admired by the Arab and international audiences, especially because of the popularity of online platforms now, with the conditions that the world is going through, it has become a source of entertainment for movie and series fans.

“Sawah” is being shown on NETFLIX in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Sawah movie has participated in more than 36 festivals around the world and has won 12 awards so far, it has also begun its presentation on more than one electronic platform in Luxembourg and Belgium, and the film starring Karim Qassem and directed by the Egyptian Luxembourg Adolf Al-Assal and written by Canadian writer Dennis Foon.

“Sawah” follows the story of the young Samir who loves music, seeking to reach his art to the masses, so he travels to participate in a global competition for the DJ but loses his possessions and his passport on the way and is held as a refugee in Luxembourg, and there he is exposed to many adventures, and its events take place in 4 different countries, He also speaks in 6 different languages. “Sawah” is the third movie for “Karim Qassem” that is shown on NETFLIX, as it is also shown by the movie “Night Out”, which occupied the first ten places in Egypt’s views since its launch on NETFLIX, as was shown by the international movie. The First Line. “Karim” is currently also showing a series “When We were Young in Ramadan” on Al-Hayat, DMC and Egyptian TV channels, and the second chapter of the series “Kingdom of Satan” is expected to be shown on Shahid platform.

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